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  Discussion Group Message  

Title: 0 or 00?

Posted by:   Casino Today
Date posted:   2002-04-15 10:45:12


The game of Roulette is a tough game to offer any real tips for. It is entirely chance based. The numbers 1 - 36 each have an equal probability of being drawn, as do the 0 and 00 values (when drawn the house takes all bets). Roulette wheels will have either one or two '0' values (0 and 00) depending on the version of the game being played. If you have a choice between the American version (with both 0 and 00 values) and the European (with only a single 0 value), you should always choose to play the European version as there is less of a likelyhood of the 0 value being drawn, and as such the house is less likely to take all the bets.

Hope this helps!

The Casino Today Team

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